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About Styx

Formed in 1991, although operating under other names for 10 years before then, Styx has a reputation second to none for producing high quality, great value wetlook.

We pride ourself on professional service, value for money, and, most of all, a deep knowledge of what wetlook fans want to see.

Please note, any material shown on this site is copyright protected and may not be shared or shown to another party unless written approval is given from Styx. Copyright infringement (unauthorised distribution) is subject to a charge of £5000 (five thousand UK pounds) per occurrence.

The site

StyxWetWorld has been designed for simplicity. We understand that English is a second language for most visitors and simplicity is the key to enjoying our site.

We update 2 times per week. Midweek is when movies are added and weekends will be for photosets. Each update is a complete set/movie, no parts to join up and no waiting days or weeks to see the whole set or movie.


These are available as either zip files or can be browsed as thumbnails. The whole set is available at one time. Image size is 1200x800 generally.


Are available in three qualities: High Definition, DVD quality and Low Res. It must be remembered that the Styx interpretation of "low res" is still x2 better than mpeg. All movies are in anamorphic (16:9) format, therefore ideal for the latest TV's and monitors.

The movies are all DivX format. We have found this format to be very high quality, and the dedicated viewer for Windows and OS X can be found here: Other media players may also play DivX movies.

In addition to playing on your computer, DivX can also be played on approved DVD players, Playstation3 and Xbox360 players - so the sky's the limit for your playback choice.

Due to their quality, the High Definition (HD) movies are large. You will need a good/fast broadband service to download them.

We also recommend the use of "HDMI Media Centres" (do a Google search) as these can store huge amounts of video footage and play direct to your HD televisions. Styx will be offering around 60Gb of HD video per year, so a 500Gb hard drive unit will give you the capacity of 8 years of those Styx movies!


Membership to the site is by username and password. A username/password combination will be generated (not user defined) and sent to you after receipt of your subscription. Please ensure you use a valid email address for sign up otherwise your password might not reach you. Also check your junk mail folder as it might be regarded as spam by your system.

Credit card information is not divulged to Styx. All information is processed via CCBILL's secure system.

Your email address and other information is never used except if we need to contact you concerning your membership. We never pass on information to other people.

Security and password trading/sharing

Password trading and sharing is strictly prohibited. We have security systems to detect if this happens. If someone other than you uses your password it will be detected and you will be suspended whilst we investigate. No refund of membership will be made.

AOL users might have problems with our security. This is due to the way the AOL system works, and it triggers most security systems. There is no way of automatically avoiding this problem, so we need you to be patient. Alternatively, don't use AOL!

Contact StyxWetWorld

To contact Styx regarding this website or membership, email

In Memory - Kev Toone, the founder of Styx

Styx was founded by Kev Toone, who sadly died in 2010. Click here to read more about Kev and Styx.